Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Harley's Having a Hard Time......

Hi all, Mabel here.

I am trying to help my sister deal with some massive anxiety. And Mama #2 is going a bit crazy too.
So, you ask, what's going on?
They're at it again.
The Frat Guys. Our Bad Neighbors.
We have some Good Neighbors, but we have one BAD neighborhood house. At least 6 pickups/SUV's live at this house. The residents have friends over most nights. (Nights, not evenings. The friends start arriving about 11 pm). There's usually 9 or 10 trucks/cars/SUV's parked at and around the house in the mornings. Harley lets everyone know every time a new car arrives, a door slams or a stranger walks across our yard.
One positive, the guys don't play loud music very often (usually just when they first drive up to the house -- and sit in their cars for awhile). But they do stand outside and talk and yell and scream and other stuff. And their guests leave smelly empty cans, bottles and cups that I need to investigate. (Mama #4609 does not like for me or my sisters to inspect or lick the cans, bottles or cups.
Harley doesn't like their behaviors at all. Mama #2 doesn't like it either. (Mama #1 says that she threw a few parties when she was younger, so this is payback. Her neighbors tolerated her, sooo.....).
Here are our neighbors sitting on the roof of their house.
Yes, they are sitting on the roof,  playing cards and listening to music.

The view of the rooftop lounge from my backyard. No doggy privacy when they are lounging on their roof.

The daily card playing and sunning on the roof of the house drives Harley NUTS! She can't bark enough at them - especially if they talk back to her.
And, if the comings and goings and roof sitting weren't enough, now there is a dog in their backyard.
Not all the time.
Just every few nights/days or so.
Harley is a Berserk-O pup.
She just can't stop barking (even when the pup is not over there), just in case there might be a dog that needs barking at.
Harley's music has lost its touch and is not calming her. The Thunder coat is not working.
She stays on full alert.
To help her calm down, the Mamas wrap Harley in a blanket or towel and hold her close for a few minutes. Next, they let her chew wildly on a rawhide stick. The best part of the treatment is that Harley will eventually relax and then sleep for hours. 
A Diva needs peace and quiet, and Harley needs to relax.
Harley hears a noise from our bad neighbors and begins to bark.
Harley snuggles with her toy for comfort.

This is me, Mabel, with my twin sister, Harley (She's on the right). I am trying to talk some reason and quiet into her, but she's still heading off to the fence. She just has to know what the neighbors are doing and tell them off.
So, you ask, what's the Diva's plan?
This Diva is out of plans. I am open for suggestions.
I think too many people live in that house, but they are always quiet (or gone) when the police arrive. The bursts of noise are over before any officer wanders by/arrives. 
Personally, I hope for lots and lots of strong winds, poring rains, blinding dust storms, and scorching temperatures that will make the guys go inside. And keep their pup inside too. 
(And I cannot go on forced marches when the weather is so horrible....).
Harley may not survive the summer (with her mind intact) if the bad neighbors continue on as they are.
There's only so much a sister can do....
Even a Diva sister.

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