Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Origins, Part 2

OK. This is me, Mabel speaking. 
I'm back.
Let me tell you the rest of my story....
Anyway, I was talking about my plan to make my Mamas fall in love with my twin sister, Harley. The infamous John A. Puppy, still hadn't bothered to tell the Mamas about my twin. He just thought it'd be OK to separate us. Didn't he know you just can't separate twins? 
I don't know what I'd do without Harley. I don't know what Harley would do without me.
Anyway, I dragged Harley into every photo and, when I heard Mom #1 ask him over the telephone, who's that puppy who's always in the pictures with Mabel? I jumped on Harley out of pure excitement! My plan was working! They noticed her! They were falling in love with her too!
It took forever for the Moms to come to take me home. It was just a couple of weeks, but it sure seemed like forever. When my adoption day arrived, I was so excited! I made sure Harley stayed close by me, so I could coach her on what to do when the Mamas arrived.
When the doorbell rang and I got my first look at the Mamas, I thought I'd faint! They were just too perfect! John P. put me into my Mama #1's arms and she held me tight. No one else existed for me as I held my Mama tight and knew that I was is love. (of course, Mama #1 already loved me).
When I came back to my senses, I noticed Mama #2 talking to my step-sister, Lady Godiva (the names John P. gave us!). I nearly fell off Mama #1's lap. I caught Harley's eye and silently motioned for her to move into position and, YES!, Mama #2 picked her up.
Harley cuddled really hard, and we watched as Mama #2 fell in love with her.  John P. watched too, then suggested Mama #2 take Harley AND me both 'cuz we're twins!  Harley really worked every every cuteness lesson I'd taught her while I kept Mama #1 from noticing that she was about to take 2 puppies home. YES! The Diva got her way! Me and Harley were going to my forever home together! Mama #2 knew that you just can't separate twins. She knew that Harley HAD to come home with us.
Mama #1 came out from under my spell for a few seconds and realized Harley was going with us. I saw her heart melt as she gazed at Harley. Everything was going according to my plan.Mama #1 wouldn't say No to Harley now. I just had to get us in the car and the Mamas driving towards home.
So, I chewed on Mama #1's wristwatch. "Wow, look at the time! We've got to leave if we want to get home today." The Mamas put us in a CRATE and carried us out to the car. We settled into our crate. It was loaded with soft blankets and filled with chewy toys. Suddenly, I was very tired.  Being adopted is exhausting! Harley and I wrapped our paws around each other and went to sleep. We were together forever!
Here we are at our new home! We are so happy! 
On the drive home, I discovered that Mama #1 had chosen names for us, "Mable Ann" and "Harley Jean." Not bad. Definitely better than, "Miss Foxy" or "Lady Godiva."
I still had to let them know I was a Diva and needed special treatment. The Mamas appeared to be fairly smart (They chose me, didn't they?), so I knew it wouldn't take them long to figure my Diva-ness out.
It took forever to get to our new home, but the Mamas took turns sitting with us in the back seat of the car. We never had a chance to be lonely. Harley was a little scared by everything that had happened, but I kept telling her that all was going according to my plans.

We finally made it home very, very late that night. We didn't care what time it was! We were finally home! 
 When we were carried into our new house, we met Maggie (our sister dog) and OUR (Aunt) Martha! It was love at first sight. We didn't realize how important Maggie and OUR Martha would be in our lives. 
(You already know about Maggie. You'll hear more about our Martha later. She is throwing a week long slumber PARTY for us when the Mamas go on vacation!).
And that's how we came to live with the Mamas. 
Aren't I a super smart Diva for making the Mamas fall in love with me & my twin sister? Isn't Harley lucky that she get to spend all of her life with her wonderful twin sister? 
And, isn't Maggie lucky to have, not one, but two identical twin sisters to share her life and her home with?
We'll talk about the cats later....

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