Friday, May 16, 2014

The Truth About Princess School

Hi all, Mabel here. 

I'm sure everyone's been following my traumatic experiences at Princess School.
As you may remember, Mama #2 originally told me I was going to Obedience School. I told her no, I would only go to Diva or Princess School (Why in the world would I want to go to Obedience school?). 
Hmphh! I trusted Mama #2 to NOT send me to Obedience School. Untrustworthy Mama #89,999 really did send me to Obedience School!
All of those sessions where they told me to "Sit" they really meant for me to sit. On the floor. Not on a throne.
When they said "come," they meant that I should come to them, not them come to me! And "watch me" meant that I was supposed to watch them! Who'd have thought! I thought it meant for everyone to look at ME!
Mama #89,999 sat me down (Sit, Mabel, Sit!) and explained to me that I am flunking out of Obedience School.

This is me, Mabel, contemplating the consequences of flunking Obedience School

Normally, I  wouldn't really care. But then, Mama # 653 told me that fans have asked about me (that's ME, Mabel the Diva Dachshund) making PERSONAL APPEARANCES as a Dog-lebrity!
Personal Appearances! The beginning of my life of fame and riches!
Mama #53 told me that I need to learn some self-discipline before making celebrity appearances and Obedience School would have helped me. 
If I'd taken it seriously.
So, I have a dilemma, do I ace my last Obedience class and pass with flying colors? Even if I still find the idea totally demeaning? 
Or do I go ahead and continue to blow it off, know that I could have passed if I really wanted to?
My identical twin sister, Harley, is doing very, very well in school. She loves it (even the dry, tasteless reward treats). She's going to graduate first in the class. She loves the discipline and the "Good Girl!" comments. 
This is my sister, Harley, basking in the glow of her Obedience School Success
I think I'll stay in the background this time, and let my beloved sister have her moment of fame. She'll love the recognition of being first in the class, especially if I flunk out.
I can't think of a better graduation gift to give my dear sister Harley.
Harley, I love you.
Now, Mama # 99999, I WANT MY TIARA!!

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  1. I don't know why anyone would think you needed to go to obedience school, Mabel.
    You don't really even need to go to Princess school....I think you've got all that down pat!
    But I do think it's wonderful that you're supporting Harley since she's having fun!!