Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Last (Ever!) Forced March

Hi all, Mabel here. I am finally home from a very long journey that Mama #2 forced us to take.
I don't know what got into her. I mean, she was determined to load me, Harley and Maggie into her car and drive us miles from home to a strange place. Just to have a forced march.
I mean, what's the point? We can just step outside and march, right? Why drive somewhere to march?
 Mama #2 seemed so excited to have us with her, and kept saying things like, "you're really going to like this. You'll see so much neat stuff. It's a new place we can go walking {marching, she meant}. Finally she stopped the car, unbuckled us and let us out. We looked around, trying to figure out WHERE we were. This is what we saw: water falling off some rocks. Big Deal.

Next, she said something about, "look at the view, girls. Isn't that nice?"
Nice. I can see nice sitting on the couch looking at my food bowl at home. What's nice about water, rocks and trees? 

Next, she marched us up something she called a "hill." Then she marched us down the hill. Then up a hill and down a hill. We marched all around this bunch of water. Maggie said there were lots of great smells around, and I finally calmed down enough (or woke up enough) that I started to enjoy the new sights and smells. And Harley, well Harley was almost uncontrollable in her excitement at marching somewhere new. She ran here and there (as far as her neck rope would let her). She sniffed and smelled, sniffed and smelled.
Suddenly, she stopped. I mean she just stopped dead.
(She wasn't really dead, it's just an expression).
I looked and she'd just walked up to this:
Mama #4769 said it's called a "Prairie Dog." (Doesn't look like any kind of dog I ever saw). Anyway, right then and there, I was ready to go home. I mean, suddenly, these "Prairie Dogs" were everywhere. Mama #7467 had just marched us right into a bunch of other dog's territories! And theses dogs made weird noises; not barking but whistling! Pretty strange!
Maggie just kept looking around. She looked up and just stared. She glanced at me and said, "I've heard about by animals that run, but look at those; they look like they're frozen."

I looked up too and saw a bunch of frozen, strange looking creatures. Maggie was right, they looked like they were trying to run but they weren't moving!
That was it. I'd suffered through hills, rocks, water, strange dogs and now frozen animals. It was time for this Diva to plant her butt on the ground and refuse to go any further.
Mama #8942 tried to get me to move, but I refused. I'd seen and smelled enough strange things for one day (maybe for a few weeks). All I wanted now was my comfy couch and blanket. And Harley to snuggle with.
Mama #2 sighed, and carried me to our car (like I said, I planted my butt on the ground and refused to move. She had to carry me) She strapped and buckled us into our seats and away we went. 
I looked over at Maggie and Harley and they looked like they'd both passed out. Maggie hadn't even rolled down her window first like she always does when she's in the car. 
We finally got home. I ran inside and crawled up on my couch. Mama #1 was home, so I ratted out Mama #6322 and told exactly what she'd done.
Mama #1 gave us all chewy bones and tucked us in for a nap on our favorite comfy couch.
Harley and I passed out. Mama #9999 has finally gone too far with her stupid marches.
Personally, I think that this might be our last march. I mean, after seeing all the strange things we saw today, what else is there to see on a march?
I rest my case (and my body).

Good night all.