Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Diva continues to recover

Your Diva, intently watching Mama #2 work in the yard.
I am happy to report that I am now well on my way to recovery. I actually feel like my normal, incredibly healthy self, but I have the Mamas convinced that I am still too sick to go on any and all forced marches.
Yes, when Mama #2 reaches for the leashes, I duck under a blanket. If anyone looks for me, I splay my legs out, like I am trying to hold onto the couch for dear life.
It works.
Yes, it works and it has worked for the past week!
Being sick was almost worth it. 
Well, maybe not.
And, your Diva has finally found her calling in life. That is, besides being rich and famous.
I was meant to be a lawn dog, uh, "Lawn Diva."
That's right, a Lawn Diva. 
Mama #2 was worried about me when I refused to march for several days, so she took me outside for some special "a loan time" while she dug around in the weeds in the front yard.
Just me and her in the front yard together.
It was nice. It was relaxing. It was stimulating.
And it wasn't a forced march!
I got to sniff around the front yard. I smelled exotic smells and spied on the the neighbors. I even looked into my own backyard at Harley, my twin sister. (Harley didn't mind).
It was wonderful!
I ended my outside adventure with a little nap. I laid down and faced Mama #2 so that, if she looked at me, she would think I was watching her intently.
It was the best sleep I've had in weeks!
So you have it. I am a front yard, Lawn Diva. My future exercise destinations are to watch my Mama #2 work in the yard. Others can accompany her on her forced marches (they call them "walks"), but I will stick to my lawn duties (and naps!).
I never knew that being sick could bring such a positive change in my life....I feel like a new Diva!
Now, if only the Mamas will do something about that nasty new food I'm supposed to eat. (Harley can eat it. She'll give me her food. Harley won't mind).
My beloved identical twin sister, Harley. She loves me more than anything.
(Mama #2 note: Mabel continues to recover from her UTI and bladder stone. She has to eat special food that will eventually dissolve the bladder stone. Mabel has to eat the food; she is not allowed to share. And, yes, she will "march" again).

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Harley's Horrible March

Here I am with my identical twin sister Harley. She's the one on the lright (in case you can't tell us apart)
While I am recovering from my illness, Harley has to go on our daily forced marches by herself. 
She always makes a fool of herself by whining, barking and jumping around when she thinks it's time to go marching. I don't understand why she likes it so much, especially after her horrible experiences several nights ago.
Let me tell you about it. 
The weather has been nice the past few days. It's been in the 80's, so it is nice marching weather. Mama #2 has been making us do our forced marches separately in the evenings (horribly cruel of her!), so Harley has to be brave as she marches along.
Last night, she went to the park with Mama #2. All of us love the park. We don't go very often because it stresses Harley out to be around lots of noise and people and dogs she doesn't know. She reacts by barking and whining (if she wasn't my sister, I'd be embarrassed by her behaviors).
Our Park
Anyway, she was bravely marching along in the park, just her and Mama #2, when she spotted an assassin dog ---- you know, the kind of dog that you know is going to run up to you and try to kill you. 
This big, shaggy dog was on a very l-o-n-g leash and his Mama wasn't paying much attention to him. He ran this way and that way and she just kept tapping on her cell phone. Suddenly, he spotted Harley and began to run towards her. Harley stopped dead (she wasn't really dead, it's just an expression) in her tracks, waiting for the death blow to arrive. The dog hit the end of his leash and dragged his Mama (and her cell phone) several feet before he stopped. Harley said the assassin was millimeters from her face.
Mama #2 took my dear sister out of the park at once. The fastest way was down an alley. Harley was so glad to get away from the dog assassin, she didn't mind walking in the alley. But, just as they exited the alley, another dog assassin, a Rat Terrier (note how closely the word resembles, "Terror.") blindsided her. I mean, that Terror tackled her!
Harley was shaken. She really was shaking, she was so scared. The terrier was followed closely by a young girl, who simply told Harley, "sorry," grabbed the terror and walked away. 
Mama #2 had to do some major Harley calming before they resumed their march.
As they approached home, Harley noticed a big RV pulling into a driveway. As she marched, she watched two little boys run out of the RV and start doing cartwheels and other acrobatics in front of the RV. (Perhaps it was a circus RV?). 
Harley stared at the boys and so did Mama #2. The boys ran and somersaulted and did other amazing things. Harley was just astounded as she watched and they walked closer to the RV.
She missed it. 
She didn't see the Cocker Spaniel jump out of the RV. Mama #2 did see it and tried to pull Harley away, but it was too late. As the Spaniel approached, Harley saw the Spaniel and quickly took action. After two recent attempts on her life, she knew exactly what to do;
She rolled over on her back and said,
"take me now.
Just get it over with."
This is your Diva demonstrating how Harley hit the ground and said, "take me now."

The Spaniel just looked at Harley, then looked at Mama #2. Harley remembers the Spaniel saying something like, "I only wanted to say hello, let's be friends." Then the Spaniel shook her head and walked away.
Poor Harley. Two assassination attempts and a lost friendship. All in one walk.

I'm happy to report I am feeling much better...

Your Diva as a young dog
Hello from Mabel your favorite Diva.
It's been a horrible few days.
Your Diva was sick and almost died.
Yes, I was very sick. I won't say exactly what the problem was (even a Diva needs privacy), but I know it almost killed me.
I tried to tell my Mamas that I was sick. I guess I am just so healthy that they couldn't believe I might be sick.
Last night, I pulled out all the stops. I moped all evening and when it came time to go marching, I refused. I ran the other way and crawled under a blanket. Mama #2 said, "I don't think Mabel is feeling well." Well, duh!
Next, I did something out of total desperation. I won't say exactly what I did, but Mama #2 had to do laundry at 2am. (evil chuckle). That clinched it, she called my doctor first thing this morning and, by 10am, relief was in sight.
After a VERY thorough exam, I had a diagnosis and future cure in my Mama's hands. I even stood very still for my shot. Aren't I a good Diva? (my doctor did not make any rude comments about my weight, so I must be close to my ideal size).
Once we arrived home, I couldn't wait to get back on my couch under my blankets. When Mama #2 stopped the car, I tried to jump out but she wouldn't let me. I had to wait while she slowly gathered her stuff (and my miraculous cure!). It was agonizing waiting on her.
Once inside, I jumped on Harley (Harley doesn't mind and it make me feel better). I told Harley everything, including that she was almost a twinless twin (I almost died, really). She was horrified. I don't know how she'd survive without me. 
Now, I have to eat a special food that actually tastes pretty good (to Maggie and Harley, not me). And, this is exciting news! I have to eat special treats two times a day. 
I'm happy to report that the Mamas are paying dearly for ignoring my illness. They have to love, hold and pet me for hours while I recover.
Serves them right.
And, no forced marches for at least 3 days! There really is a good side to this....
Love to all my loyal fans,

Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Mamas Are Home!

 Laying on the couch with my beloved and long lost Mamas...(that's me on the right and my twin sister, Harley, on the left---just in case you can't tell us apart. We're identical, you know).

I'm so excited! I don't know if I can even write this post!
They're back!
The Mamas are back!
They came home sometime today. I heard a car pull up and tried hard not to hope too hard it was them.
To bring you up to date, I live with two Mamas, Mama #1 and Mama #2. (the numbers go up and down, depending on how well they treat me). They both disappeared last week. My Martha (a very special person to us) moved in and took care of us (and loved us totally!) but she wasn't the Mamas.
Earlier this week, I escaped from my yard for the first time in my life (with Maggie, my sister dog) to look for them. I was busted by my neighbors almost immediately and sent back to my yard. (Darn my luck!)
I almost lost hope, except the Mamas called every few days and talked to us; "Blah, Blah Blah Blah Blah, Mabel. Blah Blah Blah, Harley." It was music to my ears!
Anyway, I heard the car pull in front of the house. We all stood at attention, concentrating, to see if we could hear those beloved voices.
Yes! I heard Mama #2 (Now Mama #1b) talking to Sam, my sister cat (the lucky dog who got to see her first!). Then, I heard Mama #1 talking about coming to open the door to our special room and let us out to welcome them home.
Watching closely, I saw the door to our room slooowly open. It was them! Mamas #1 and #1b, looking fine, home at last.
That missing Mamas report I filed last night must have worked.
They were home!
Maggie danced. No kidding. She danced on her hind legs and made a total fool of herself (she does that sometimes). Harley tried hard to cuddle any leg she saw. I waited for my moment and took over. 
Yes, as soon as Mama #1 sat down, I was close by her side.
She was MINE!
I kept my paw on one of them all evening.
Mama #2 left for a few minutes (in her car) and I was afraid she'd get lost and be gone another week. Harley and I kept watch at the door. She did come home pretty quick. Mama #1 told My Martha that she was only gone 5 minutes.
I was sure it was at least 2 hours.
Anyway, they are home!
And, Mama #2 couldn't wait to take me out on a forced march.
Only hours after she arrived home, she put the rope around my neck and dragged me out for a march around the neighborhood.
I really didn't mind.
I even kind of missed the marches. You know, all the sights and smells and stuff. (I did miss it).
I missed them, but they are home at last!
I love my Mamas.....

The Mamas said they were in "Chicago." Here's a picture... Whatever that is...

Friday, July 5, 2013

Where are our Mamas?

Has anyone seen my Mamas?
It's day 7 and our Mamas are still missing.
They deserted us early one morning and have not been seen since. My Martha is staying with us and is absolutely wonderful, but we wonder where our Mamas are.
Yesterday, Maggie and I took matters into our own paws.
Yes, we left our comfy, cozy back yard and began to search.
Harley stayed behind to keep an eye on the house. It is a vicious rumor that Harley refused to leave with us and, instead, hid in the old well house.
We had to wait for our perfect chance to go. My Martha doesn't believe in forced marches, so we haven't been out of our yard since the Mamas left.
Maggie sniffed around the gate and discovered it wasn't shutting right. Under the right circumstances, we could push it open.
My Martha left around midday, and Maggie and I pushed into action and the gate swung open. We strolled into the front yard.
Maggie wanted to leave the yard, but I convinced her to stay and watch with me. Surely we could spot Mama #2 marching through the neighborhood (if we just waited long enough). I mean, it's her favorite thing to do, so I know she's out there, somewhere, marching without me.
We sat under the trees in the front yard. My beautiful brown fur blends into the shadows, but Maggie's black & tan really stands out. We were busted.
Our neighbors, the ones who let our evil cat sister Millie hang out at their house, came right over when they saw us. They made us march back into our yard, found Harley in the well-house and ratted us out to My Martha. 
My Martha was horrified that we broke free of our yard. She did not understand we were not just sitting under the trees looking cool; we really were looking for our Mamas.
Then, My Martha ratted us out to Mama #2 when she called to check in. 
We are in trouble.
I still want my Mamas home, I'm afraid I'm
in big trouble,
Harley tells me she is now #1 Pup since she is the only one who didn't leave home. 
Mamas, if you are reading this, please come home. 
I miss you.
(How do you file a missing Mama report?)
Maggie is losing hope that the Mamas will ever come home again.