Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Birthday Post

Hi All, Mabel Ann here.  I am the Birthday Girl. (At least I was the Birthday Girl last week).

Yes, the Birthday Girl. I am now 2 years old.
You'd never know by looking that I was a day over 1 year.
I had a wonderful Birthday.
I awakened on my Birthday morning next to my identical twin sister, Harley. We were born only a few seconds apart and have together ever since. I don't know what I'd do without her. I'm so glad she was here for my Birthday celebration.
We spent our daylight hours like any other day; sleeping and waiting for the Mamas to come home. 
Once they finally arrived home, it was time to party!

Harley got into the party favors as soon as she could:
This is my twin sister, Harley, playing with our party favors.
No birthday party is complete without games. I chose the game to play; I call it, "Chase the Sister." It is my favorite game. Harley and I have played it all our lives. (I invented the game myself. Aren't I a creative Diva?). We started out on one comfy couch and ran laps around the room, jumping from couch to couch. We ran through the house, up on the beds, then back to the couch. The Mamas usually don't like this game much, but so what? It's my favorite game and it was my Birthday!

 Harley begins the game, Chase the Sister. Harley is the excitable sister on the left. I am the calm sister on the right.

 We had lots of fun, as usual, playing my game. Unfortunately, we did run over Mama #2's computer a couple of times, and put it out of commission for a few days.
Well, accidents can happen when you're having fun, especially when sisters get together.

 Here I am, Mabel, calmly telling Harley that she lost the game. As usual, Harley is arguing that she, not me, actually won.

 This is me, Mabel, looking long suffering, as I wear the stupid birthday hat Mama #2 insisted on buying for the party. Did she wear a hat too? No.

Mama #1 prepared a special birthday treat for us (Harley and I decided to let Maggie celebrate with us. Aren't I a thoughtful Diva?).
This is the can our delicious birthday dinner came from. I highly recommend this to any dachshund looking for a delicious dinner. I am so glad that the Mamas didn't try to sneak any diet food into our celebration.

We had a great time, playing and opening presents. The Mamas do know how to throw a party. At the evening's end, Harley and I were exhausted.
I do have to say that I am grateful that I that I have such a wonderful home, loving Mamas, and, I am even grateful for my older sister, Maggie. Oh, yeah, and the cats.
(I asked Maggie for a picture to post. This is what she gave me: a glamour shot. What a ham!)

Anyway, that's all for tonight. Here's one last picture for you:
This is Harley and me, shortly after we arrived at our home with the Mamas. You can tell just by looking at us that I was going to be a famous Diva one day.

Good night all.
Love you,

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Mama #1's Nose

Hi all, Mabel here. I am writing this entry as I lay close by Mama #1. For the past few days, I've been very busy using my Diva nursing skills to help her to return to normal level of health.
This is me, Mabel, as I cuddle beside Mama#1 and attempt help her feel better.
You might ask, what happened that I, Mabel, have the huge responsibility of Mama #1's health in my paws? Well, I'm not really sure what happened.
This is what I do know:
The Mamas left our home early one morning. Both Mamas were healthy when they left.
They returned several hours later. Mama #1 had a HUGE white thing ("Bandage") on her nose. I mean, it covered her entire nose.
Mama #1 did not feel good. She was irritable and didn't even want to talk, cuddle with me, or even watch TV.
Not normal.
Mama #2 tried to help her out. She brought her food and helped her change the "bandage," but Mama #1 did not feel any better.
Harley gently approached her and was finally able to start the healing cuddles. Harley can inch her way in to a lap so that a Mama hardly notices she's there until she's in full lap cuddle position and sound asleep.
Harley, half-asleep in the full-cuddle position
It's quite a talent Haley has.
Anyway, once Harley initiated the Healing Cuddle, I slowly moved over to her side to assist with helping her feel better.
Sometimes a Diva has to put herself aside and concentrate on someone she loves.
I love my Mama #1.
When Mama #1 talked, she didn't sound like she usually does (Mama #2 said her nose was just swollen). And she didn't talk much. She just looked at herself in the mirror a lot and messed with the big white thing on her nose.
She slept on our favorite comfy couch the first night. She slept sitting up, like she'd just fallen asleep watching TV.
Actually, she didn't sleep much. That was OK because she gave me lots and lots and lots of hugs and pets.
On Day 2 of the Big White Bandage, Harley and I put our healing powers into overdrive. We did healing cuddles on her lap and by her side. Maggie tried to help out, but made the mistake of attempting a healing lick on her nose.
This is Maggie after she attempted to Give Mama #1's nose a gentle, healing lick. 
Maggie was banned from Mama #1's side of the couch.
(Maggie said that was OK and she could have Mama #2 all to herself).
It's hard work staying beside a Mama that needs nursing and healing. Harley and I cuddled hard. Harley was in charge of barking at any strange noises, and she performed her job with much passion. I, Mabel, humbly stationed myself on her lap and forced myself to do healing sleep cuddles, treat eating, and occasional barking to keep the cats away.
OK. I did wake her up a few times when I barked and leaned towards my sisters.
But, the cats had no business trying to get involved in making Mama #1 feel better.

The Evil Cat Millie thought she might have healing powers, too.
By Day 3, Mama #1 abandoned the big white bandage. She watched TV. She walked around the house and even left in the car for awhile.
Mama #2 wasn't at home to take of her on Day 3, so Harley and I surrounded her with doggy care. Maggie was even allowed back in her lap. (Mama #1 watched her closely to make sure she didn't try to lick her nose again).
By the end of Day 3 (today), we could tell that our doggy nursing was successful. Although Mama #1 is not well yet, she appears to be getting better each day.
We know it's due to our careful healing cuddles, watchful barking, hearty treat eating, and constant care, even while sleeping.
Here we all, me, Maggie and Harley. We are finally relaxing after 3 full days of full tilt nursing.
Our patient will survive.
What's wrong with Mama #1's nose? We finally asked Mama #2, but didn't understand her answer; Mama #2 said she had a skin cancer removed from her nose and then the doctor "sewed her up" with at least 40 stitches. It looks like her nose was cut open.
I may be a Diva, but I just decided I never want a nose job! I like mine just the way it is!
Love y'all,

Friday, January 10, 2014

My Sister, I do love her....

Hi all, Mabel here. I know many of you are concerned about the disagreement (OK. Fight) that my sister Harley and I had yesterday.
This is me, Mabel, reflecting on the horrible fight I had with my twin sister, Harley.
The truth of the matter is....My sister is a bum sometimes.
Sad, but true.
It's hard being a perfect Diva.
It's a burden I must carry.
Harley and I were born just a few seconds apart and I took responsibility for her from that moment on.
I made my Mamas fall in love with Harley so that she could come live with us forever.
Harley would be lost without me and I do love her dearly.
But, back to my story. 
While we were out marching yesterday, Harley did something horrible.
I can't tell you what Harley did. I'd get us both in trouble. My lips are sealed. Not even tasty treats or extra chewy bones will get it out of me.
Maggie, our older sister won't tell either, so don't ask her.
(I'll tell, for the right price).
Anyway, I can say that, by the time our march was over, I was furious with my twin. 
After we arrived at home, we lined up for our chewy bone reward.
Harley snatched mine and ran.
I stifled an urge to run after her and do something I knew I would regret later.
Instead, I sat down and calmly ate Harley's chewy bone. I carefully considered what action to take. I could just forgive her and go on with my evening.
Not this time.
Yes, the combination of the unmentionable action on the march and stealing my chewy bone had to be addressed.
When I approached Harley and told her to apologize, she was defiant.
She actually said she did nothing wrong.
Harley looking defiant.
Well, since I am Lead Pup in charge of myself and Harley (Maggie is only in charge of herself), I had to take action. I calmly told Harley what was wrong and that she needed to apologize.
Harley was in no mood to talk.
Harley snarled at me. She would not listen to reason.
So, in a moment of anger, I disowned her.
I removed her collar and told her she was now under Maggie's protection.
And, that she was no longer my sister.
This is me, Mabel (on the right) disowning my sister Harley.
I know it sounds harsh, but I was really, really mad.
Then, I walked away.
Once I reported what I had done, my faithful followers immediately urged me to reconcile with Harley.
"Kiss and make up," a reader from Kansas City wrote. "Don't go to bed angry," another said. 
I knew in my heart that they were right. After all, I only have one identical twin sister.
I carefully approached Harley and asked if we could talk. She finally agreed.
We talked about many things. And, it wasn't easy. You know how a sister can say things that no one else can tell you? And, sometimes, it's not easy to listen to.
And she said a few things that I may have overreacted to.
This is me, Mabel (on the right), calmly telling Harley I didn't agree with something she said.
But, your Diva kept talking to her and, eventually, Harley and I worked things out.
I am again the Lead Pup in charge of myself and Harley.
Harley apologized for everything.
Harley looking apologetic and a bit scared, since she thought she'd lost me as her sister.
We talked for a long time and worked everything out. It really helped that she apologized for everything and told me I was the best sister anyone could ever have.
I'm so glad she finally realized that.
If I hadn't rescued her and brought her to live with the Mamas with me, there's no telling where she might have wound up. And, who could love her like I (and the Mamas) do?
Who would take care of her when her anxiety sky rockets and she barks for hours without stopping? 
Who would jump on her and calm her down? 
Who would hold her tightly and tell her everything will be OK? (only the Mamas can do that!).
We kissed and made up.

              Here we are, finally laying in the same bed together. Harley still looks a little stunned.
We are best friends and twins again. I even gave her back her collar. 

OK. We might argue again someday, but what sisters don't argue? 
Love y'all,
Your Favorite Diva.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Lights are Gone!

Hi all, Mabel here.
This is me, Mabel. I am feeling sad tonight.
First, I want to say, I was a very, very good Diva in December. I voluntarily went for forced marches almost every night.
I usually don't like marching (Mama #2 calls it "walking." I call it a march because she puts a rope around my neck and forces me to march where ever and when ever she wants. That's not a walk; that's a march).
But, I really, really like the lights that people put up in their yards and on their houses in December. When Mama #2 brings out the neck ropes, I find myself jumping and yipping like a little pup. I want to go see the twinkly lights so badly that I make a fool of myself.
Very un-Diva like behavior.
Now, I don't like to march when it's cold (under 65 degrees).
I don't like to march when it's wet (or damp!) or windy.
I don't like to march on pavement --- unless it's a sidewalk or dirt track.
I totally refuse to march faster than 2.4 mph. I prefer a leisurely speed of 2.0 mph. My sisters like to march at 3.5 mph, so we compromise and march at 2.4 mph (and I drag my paws, 'cuz that's still too fast!).
But in December, when the colorful lights are out, I march faster. I beg to go out every night to look at the lights. I pick the brightest, more colorful streets to march down and refuse to march on dark streets. 
But now, all my lights are gone!
I've watched the lights disappear, house by house, yard by yard. 
Every night, more and more of my favorite twinkly shapes disappeared from yards.
The streets have become darker, darker, darker.
I felt sad. I love my colorful, twinkly lights.
But tonight on my march, I saw only streetlights. 
Even the twinkly shapes in my own yard are gone. The millions of colorful twinkly  lights in my trees are gone, too.
This Diva is very sad.
I had to jump on my twin sister, Harley, just to feel better.
Now, I'm going to crawl under my magically warm blanket on my favorite comfy couch with my sister, Harley and drown my sorrows in a big rawhide chew.
Don't bother me until next December when my twinkly lights come back.
Until then, I'll under my blanket chewing out my sorrows...

hi, this is harley. i'm here comforting my beloved twin sister, mabel. she's sad since her lights are gone. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014


It's now time for the Diva to reveal her resolutions for the New Year.
1) Become more famous
2) Get rich. I would say get richer, but I'm not rich yet. Maybe next year.
3) Avoid getting exiled to the Dog Room. I don't like the Dog Room. I don't want to be locked in the Dog Room. I think it's unfair that my Mamas even think I should stay in the dog room. Maybe I should change this to "eliminate the Dog Room" or "remove the Dog Room from my home."
4) Keep my twin sister, Harley, safe & calm.
5) Remain "Top Pup" in my house. By this I mean, I am in charge of myself and Harley. Maggie can do what ever she wants, as long it doesn't interfere with me and/or Harley.
6) Never eat diet dog food again. NEVER!
7) Occasionally, enjoy a forced march.
8) Always sleep in my most favorite spot at the head of the bed every night.
9) Nap every day on my favorite comfy couch under my magically warm blanket.
10) Always sleep with at least one paw on my beloved, twin sister, Harley.

harley's new year's resolutions
1) bark loud and long whenever I feel like it.
2) let my twin sister, mabel, take good care of me.
3) eat all of the food in all of the food bowls i see.
4) drag mabel behind me when we go on forced marches. (it'd be so much easier if she'd just pick up her paws and march at the speed i want to march at).
5) bark at my cat sisters.
6) bark at anything in the alley behind my house.
7) bark at any noise i hear.
8) be the best barker that i can be.
9) learn to relax once in a while.
10) love my sister, mabel, a little more each day.
11) stay in good with my older sister, maggie.

Maggie's New Year's Resolutions
1) Do not allow Mabel to publish any photo of me on her Facebook page or her blog, unless I have pre-approved the picture.
2) Remain "Top Pup" of the household.
3) Retain my favorite sleeping spot at the head of the bed.
4) Get Harley to move under
my protection.

5) Help Harley to get her anxiety under control and QUIT BARKING all the time!
6) Collect all abandoned rawhides, chewy bones, toys, etc. and hide them so that my sisters cannot find them or destroy them.
7) Go on as many marches as I can.  It's OK with me if Mabel chooses to stay home; that means I can finally march at the pace I want to and not at half-speed while she drags her paws.
8) Place myself beside Mama #2 as often as possible; make sure Mabel is anywhere except beside Mama #2.
9) Never, ever, ever wear a stupid hat. (i.e. no Santa Hat for Christmas Card pictures ever again!).
10) Maintain my lean, mean marching machine figure.