Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mabel Ann, Garden Diva

 Hi all, Mabel here. It is another warm, beautiful, sunny afternoon.As is my habit, every Spring when Mama #2 goes crazy and starts digging in the flowerbeds, I go outside with her and keep watch.I mean, someone has to keep an eye on her when she's acting crazy, right?

First, she digs up all the grass and dead plants. Then, she rakes and shovels and moves the dirt all over the place. She takes pots of plants and digs them up, then buries the plants in her flowerbed.
Absolutely crazy!

I worry about her every year when this behavior starts, but so far, the craziness is short lived; usually just a few weeks. While the craziness lasts, I, Mabel, get to lay out in the front yard and watch her. Because that is the job of the Garden Diva. 


It's tough work being a garden Diva.

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