Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Diva continues to recover

Your Diva, intently watching Mama #2 work in the yard.
I am happy to report that I am now well on my way to recovery. I actually feel like my normal, incredibly healthy self, but I have the Mamas convinced that I am still too sick to go on any and all forced marches.
Yes, when Mama #2 reaches for the leashes, I duck under a blanket. If anyone looks for me, I splay my legs out, like I am trying to hold onto the couch for dear life.
It works.
Yes, it works and it has worked for the past week!
Being sick was almost worth it. 
Well, maybe not.
And, your Diva has finally found her calling in life. That is, besides being rich and famous.
I was meant to be a lawn dog, uh, "Lawn Diva."
That's right, a Lawn Diva. 
Mama #2 was worried about me when I refused to march for several days, so she took me outside for some special "a loan time" while she dug around in the weeds in the front yard.
Just me and her in the front yard together.
It was nice. It was relaxing. It was stimulating.
And it wasn't a forced march!
I got to sniff around the front yard. I smelled exotic smells and spied on the the neighbors. I even looked into my own backyard at Harley, my twin sister. (Harley didn't mind).
It was wonderful!
I ended my outside adventure with a little nap. I laid down and faced Mama #2 so that, if she looked at me, she would think I was watching her intently.
It was the best sleep I've had in weeks!
So you have it. I am a front yard, Lawn Diva. My future exercise destinations are to watch my Mama #2 work in the yard. Others can accompany her on her forced marches (they call them "walks"), but I will stick to my lawn duties (and naps!).
I never knew that being sick could bring such a positive change in my life....I feel like a new Diva!
Now, if only the Mamas will do something about that nasty new food I'm supposed to eat. (Harley can eat it. She'll give me her food. Harley won't mind).
My beloved identical twin sister, Harley. She loves me more than anything.
(Mama #2 note: Mabel continues to recover from her UTI and bladder stone. She has to eat special food that will eventually dissolve the bladder stone. Mabel has to eat the food; she is not allowed to share. And, yes, she will "march" again).

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  1. I am thrilled to hear you're feeling better Mabel!
    I can't believe you looked at Harley in the backyard from the front yard. Was she surprised?