Thursday, June 6, 2013

Trauma! Long, Long Night. Big Storm!

To all my fans and readers,
I am SO happy to be alive tonight. Last night, I was not sure that my house, home, sisters and Mamas would still be standing or even alive today.
It was a BIG storm.
The wind was fierce.
I sensed the storm coming long before Mama #2 urged me to go outside to take care of my business. I tell you, I was fast. I hit the ground running and didn't stop until I was back on the couch. Maggie and Harley sniffed a little and stomped around a little and, when the pre-rain dust blew in, they got "dusted." 
No joking here; the wind came out of nowhere and blew about 80 mph (actually, 81mph; I told you, Mama #2 is a gadget freak).
80 mph! The house shook. I hunkered down and stayed very still on the couch, I knew that if I stayed very still, I could hold the house down and keep us all safe. Someone (Maggie) is spreading a false rumor that I was staying still because I was, you know, scared.
Then the lights went out. All the lights, inside and out. And the TV went off.
Everything went dark except mama #2 lapbox that she stares at all the time -- (it's what I write this blog on). Everything went dark except that darn lapbox! I don't know how Mama #2 does it, but she kept her gadgets working.
Then, in the dark, with the wind blowing and the rain pounding down, this stuff called "hail" started shooting down from the sky! I mean, it was like someone was firing it at the house -- it hit so hard. It was like a million marbles were shot at the house. 
Maggie hid under her blanket. Harley tried to work her way under the couch, but there's only an inch of space there. She had to run around instead. But she didn't bark; I was so proud of her!
Mama's #1 & #2 kept looking outside. Maybe there were trying to figure out who was shooting all those marbles at us. I don't know. I just know it was LOUD when they opened the door. Harley came and stood beside me for a few minutes as I held the couch down. She told me the yard was turning white from all the marbles falling. I didn't believe her, but here is a picture that Mama #2 took.
A pile of the white stuff (and rain, too)
Who else but Mama #2 would stand in a storm and take a picture?
It took forever for it to end. We were still in the dark; our lights wouldn't work. It was still raining and blowing, but the marbles quit shooting at the house. 
I am happy to report that by laying very still on the couch and holding it down, I was successful in keeping the house from blowing away. 
I am such a brave Diva.
There were lots of interesting things to sniff and examine in the yard today, but I couldn't get to all of them because a huge piece of tree blocked me into a tiny portion of my yard. Mama #1 finally moved the tree piece and let me verify that the rest of my yard was safe.
Harley and Maggie did not do their part to maintain the safety of the house during this crisis; therefore, I believe that I need to be appointed (for life) as Pup #1.
Please forward your comments to Mama #1 and Mama #2 in my support.

It's only fair.
Thank you.
Your Diva,
Your Diva (#1 Pup-to-be) thoroughly checked out the yard today

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