Saturday, April 6, 2013

Everyone should have a Martha

Questions! I get questions! Once again, I am taking time out from my blogging to answer questions from my many, many fans.
What is a "My Martha"?
My Martha.
My Martha is a very special person.
Everyone should have a "My Martha."
My Martha is better than a grandmother or an Aunt.
My Martha is a very special person who lives right here in town with us. She is related to Mama #1.
She is alway/has always been here for us. Whenever we need her, she comes.
My Martha was here to welcome me home the night we arrived at our forever home.
My Martha stays with me when my Mamas are gone longer than a day.
She believes in slumber parties, and we have lots of fun together.
My Martha can keep a secret. I email her whenever I have a question or a worry that Mama #2 can't answer.
My Martha is that special type of friend who gives you chocolate for breakfast -- if you are allowed to eat chocolate (and I'm not).
She is the wonderful person who taught me the secret way to gently snatch people food off of a table so that no one will notice.
And, most of all. She thinks I'm wonderful!
Once, when I went to my doctor, he told me I'd been gaining a little too much weight. My Mamas told me I was going on a diet. (I don't know what a diet is, but my food supply suddenly started drying up...and all my wonderful pecans in the backyard....Mama #2 started picking them up and getting rid of them!). In desperation, I wrote to My Martha, because I knew she'd tell me the truth, Is my butt getting fat?
Here's our emails:
 To My Martha,
Do you think I have a big butt?
My Moms and Dr. H say I do and that I have to quit eating pecans.
Pecans aren't fattening, are they?

My Darling Mable,
No, you do NOT have a big butt you are PERFECT! Your Moms and Dr. H are just jealous because you are so PERFECT!
P.S. Everyone knows that pecans have NO calories, so you can eat as many as you want.
See what I mean? Isn't she wonderful?
Here I am with my identical twin, Harley. No one ever tells her she needs to lose weight....I don't know how they can even tell us apart...I guess they know that I am the outgoing one; the DIVA!

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