Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Most Unfavorite Time of Year

It's me, Mabel, giving my beloved sister Harley, a little kiss on the head. See how much she loves me?

It's coming! My most unfavorite time of year.
As you know, Mama #2 insists on taking me and my sisters out on a forced march every night (I figure walking should be voluntary; Marching is what you do when you are made to go for long hikes, whether or not you really want to). I always go marching with everyone, but I don't really like it. Mama #2 likes to march too fast, and my big sister, Maggie, loves to run. They make a good pair.
Harley, my twin sister (we're identical! --- well, our collars are different colors now, but other than that, no one can tell us apart!) likes to march. She runs right up there with Maggie and Mama #2.
Double Disgusting.
Me, I prefer to wander along, sniffing everything, and dragging my paws to show everyone that I need to march s-l-o-w-l-y.
It doesn't work.
Every evening, Mama #2 tosses the neck ropes around us, opens the door and says, "March!" or "Let's go!" or something like that. Then, she drags us around the neighborhood for miles and miles and we are out marching for hours and hours. 
Why do I hate this time of year?
It's dark in the evenings when we walk. I don't like marching in the dark. And lately, the houses on my marching route look very strange!
One house has big eyes that light up, roll around, and follow my every move!

Scary! Other houses have these big, round orange things that light up and look kinda like faces.
Scary! But what really, really bothers me, are the white things that hang from the trees. They float in the wind.
They look like ghosts!

Now, your Diva does not scare easily, but, enough is enough! We see more of these things every night when we go out to march.
Harley and I are going home. We'll consider marching again sometime after Halloween is over and these horrible things are gone.
Me and my twin sister Harley (she's wearing the blue collar). We've seen enough scary stuff; we're going home!

Note from Mama #2: Mabel does not like walking in the dark and she really dislikes Halloween decorations. I think the ghosts in the trees really do scare her!

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